Shopping Online For Your Wedding Ring

Posted on January 14, 2016  in Blog

Shopping Online For Your Wedding Ring 1The wedding day is so important in the lives of a two people who care about each other so much that they would promise to be together for the rest of their lives. It’s a lifelong commitment that is honoured by God. And yes, it may be a lot of work to pull this celebration off, but trust us that it is so worth it once everything turns out to be perfect on that special day. Aside from the bridal gown, the groom’s tux or suit, the rings are the most important elements in a wedding.

You can’t just but some rings for the sake of tradition. It must be from the heart, something that you are actually willing to appreciate its symbolism in your upcoming married life. Don’t think for the price for a moment and just focus on the design and its value to your relationship. But if you want to be practical, there are always new online shops that you could check out. We all know that Tiffany’s and Harry Winston could probably break the bank just buying a single ring. So if you think those stores might ruin the budget for you, how about surfing and doing some research online as to which shop would work best for your budget.

We would say that it is really not supposed to be in the amount of money that you have paid for your wedding rings that would count, but it is the commitment of even wanting to take part in this new chapter of your life with your special someone. It could be nerve wracking and you might even have cold feet from the whole thing, but there’s no reason to back out when you know and trust that the one you love is the one who is going to be there with you till the end of your age.Shopping Online For Your Wedding Ring 2

Wedding days are so romantic. It is not some archaic tradition that people should do because it is what society pretty much requires. Do it because you love that person and even if the whole ceremony weren’t even invented, you would probably be the one to put it up and start this madness and joy of declaring your love for the other person. Don’t hesitate to really find the best wedding rings for your special day. There are online shops that would even engrave your initials or a special message you want carved on your rings. Orla James Wedding Rings can help you with beautiful wedding rings.

Not all couples could afford the luxury type of wedding rings and it is totally fine. These rings don’t have to be really fancy; they just have to be presentable and something you both love. You can have them in gold or silver and even white gold or platinum. Whichever type of ring you choose, we know that they would be available online since we are now living in this internet generation. So if you are still confused or you still don’t know what ring to buy for your wedding day, check out the many stores online and we’re sure they would give you any advice you need.

Breaking News: 3 Masked Men Rob A Diamond Trader in Texas

Posted on November 2, 2015  in Blog

3 Masked Men Rob A Diamond Trader in TexasDiamonds are so expensive that they have always been the targets of robbers ever since its value was discovered. Just this weekend alone, a diamond trader was reported robbed by three men wearing masks in Dallas, Texas according to the website The Israeli Diamond Industry.

As per the website’s report, it happened at a parking lot in North Dallas Bank. The diamond trader thought it was safe to carry diamonds in that place and it was so unfortunate that he had a lot in his bag that day, as he was looking forward to do some great business. The attack of those three men happened right after he finished visiting a couple of his clients and when he was just onto his third client meeting. He was using a rental car and as per police reports, he didn’t have a scheduled appointment before he went to his next client.

Crime Blog in Dallas also reported this incident and according to them, the exact location of the robbery was not indicated. There are however, reports that state that it would be revealed soon by the website who originally wrote about it. There were guns involved in this robbery and all the diamonds that the trader has that day were taken from him.

The cops don’t have much words about what happened and it seems like they were all used to it happening, especially in that area. They also said that there is no exact evidence because there are no CCTV cameras to support it and it is all just speculations.

According to The Israeli Diamond Industry site, they don’t think it was just a random robbery and they are thinking that the trader has already been spied on and followed even before that day when he was attacked.

This is just a reminder to those who are carrying these expensive rocks. Don’t be so complacent when you are out there carrying or wearing it. There are a lot of people who would want to get a piece of your diamond and sadly, some would do whatever it takes to get it from you even if it means they are already committing a crime.

It is not the first time that robberies involving diamonds have been in the news. In fact, back in 2012 a robbery in this same state also occurred involving a 28-year-old Hong Kong jeweler. It also happened in a parking lot, only this time it was in a Northwest Dallas hotel area. A few weeks after that robbery, another person was robbed again in a Hilton Anatole parking lot. The robbers were armed as well. Based on these reports, we are seeing a pattern and we believe it is safe to warn people out there to stay away from parking lots if you are carrying some valuable jewelry like diamonds in your purse. May this news serve as a warning and may this make everyone extra careful with their actions, especially when diamonds and other expensive jewelries are involved.

Must-have Desserts On Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Posted on October 26, 2015  in Blog

Must-have Desserts On Your Wedding Rehearsal DinnerDesserts are part of any dinner. At least it should be, especially during your wedding’s rehearsal dinner. This is the perfect time as well to share with your loved ones your cooking if you ever know how to. If you want to please your guests and loved ones, I highly recommend including these desserts that should be on your dinner table, as you celebrate your love.

1.Chocolate Fondue: seriously, I don’t think a wedding rehearsal dinner or the reception is even complete without a chocolate fondue! You can pretty much serve anything on the dessert table and it would all be perfect and delicious because of your chocolate fondue. If you will be celebrating in a restaurant, make sure to include this on the menu. If you want a simple dinner at home, you can always buy this machine in your local store, but you will have to make the chocolate on your own. I think it will be fun to have your own fondue machine, because you can make this anytime you want!

2.Chocolate Chip Cheesecake With Oreo Crust: YUM! Saying the words of this dessert alone would already make you want to drool and have it on your plate right away!

3.Sundae Bar: This guarantees fun! It would be even better if it were a make-your-own sundae bar. Imagine all the flavors you could experiment as your sundae. This is going to make your rehearsal dinner an unforgettable one for both you and your guests.

4.Chocolate Banana Crepe: this is actually so easy to make if you want to do it on your own. There are lots of recipes online that you could check out how to make it. But I can give you the basics on how to create it. What you need is some wraps for crepes, slices of bananas, condense milk, chocolate drizzle and whip cream. If you want to save money on desserts, this is your best bet because it is not only easy but it is also affordable.

Chocolate Mousse Cake: a celebration of love is never complete without some traditional chocolate mousse cake. Your guests would really love if you include this on the menu.

I always advice new couples to make it as an activity for them to cook desserts for their guests because it not only is it going to be beneficial for t guests and the couple when it comes to having something good on the table, but it also would make them bond. It is easy to get to know each other even more when two people are bonding over food.

But moving on with these desserts, if you have someone on your guest who is lactose intolerant, you can just remove milk on the recipe. You can also try some soymilk as an alternative.

Whatever you do with your desserts, as you would notice, chocolate is a must. I would also suggest leave a bunch of chocolate bars as a give away for your friends and families on this special occasion.

So You Want To Be A Fashion/Jewelry Blogger

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So You Want To Be A Jewelry BloggerWelcome to 2015 where everybody wants to contribute something online. It is a good thing that a lot of people are having this kind of attitude because it’s not just informative but it’s also entrepreneurial. If you are one of those who aspire to be a professional fashion blogger that specifically deals with jewelries and styling, then I just might have some pointers for you. Take note or bookmark this page in order for you not to forget these tidbits of wisdom that I’m about to spill to all ye fashionistas out there!

1.Know your niche. This simply means you must really be a savant in your subject because that’s what would usually keep you apart from all the other blogggers out there. Keep in mind that there are millions of fashion bloggers by now who are probably doing the same thing that you have in mind. You have to share something that is really useful and relevant, not to mention factual. You can’t just publish stuff out there that are made up. That is not cool and it could ruin your online reputation.

2.Once you think you have mastered the craft that you would want to share to your target crowd, it is important to keep your content interesting and not just informative. The tone or the manner of how you deliver your information would make a huge difference in order to garner hits on your website. Make your tone fun and relatable and it would even be a good thing if it they could interact with it.

3.Having said that, make sure that you leave some comment box below your blog so you would see how others would react to your content. It is going to give you room to improve your blog and delivery as well. Just be ready for some harsh comments that might arrive because you know, you can’t please everybody. You might have haters in the future but it’s important not to mind them and not to let their hurtful words get to you.

4.Format your website in a very fashionable and attractive way. But I would suggest not to go overboard and put a lot of things going on in there that would only confuse your web visitors. I say go for a minimalist look because that would be friendly to the eyes of your visitors.

Fashion is something that we live and breathe everyday. Not a lot of people notice that, but it is part of our lives no matter how oblivious we are to it. From the moment you wake up, you fix your hair and wash your face or hit the shower and after that, you think of the perfect outfit that would go with your day. This is why a fashion or jewelry blog could be useful today to guide people in their everyday lives about the right pieces of jewelries that they should be wearing along with their clothes.

Wedding On a Tight Budget

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Wedding On a Tight BudgetThere is a difference between having a wedding on a budget and having a wedding on a “tight budget.” I understand the pressure of having to follow the rules of social convention when it comes to this kind of event in one’s life. My advice? Don’t. You don’t have to. It is not necessary. It is up to you and your partner’s choices without having the influence of the society or the media when it comes to the subject of celebrating your wedding. I have seen a lot of couples go broke because of their wedding expenses. And at the end of it, they would just fight about it.

I mean, don’t you think it’s crazy when that happens? Because I do! Marriage is supposed to be a celebration of love between two people and it is definitely not an event to flaunt a $ 10,000-worth of gown to be worn in one day. Marriage shouldn’t cause people to be pressured and stressed because of the amount of bills they would have to pay and would later on be the subject of their fight and worse could even be the reason for their divorce! I say, go for a wedding that would make both of you happy without having to break the bank. Happiness is never about the money or the expensive things people have to shed and show people.

Here are the things that you could work on when you’re on a tight budget:

1.Instead of renting an expensive hotel ballroom or the church, if you have a backyard or garden or even your own home, which you think could be used as a space for this event would be enough. Renting for a reception could cost you some real amount of money and if you don’t have a budget for that, you should know that your own house could be a good option.

2.For the dress, you can always shop at vintage stores or thrift stores. Don’t undermine the quality and style that you could find in there because there are some gems that you would even be surprised to check out and what you just need is to be really keen in searching for them. You will also need a lot of patience for this activity.

3.If you can’t afford a makeup artist, I highly recommend that you check out the YouTube channel of a lot of makeup gurus online, especially Michelle Phan. You don’t have to pay for a stylist either if you could just do your research well using the Internet.

It is all about researching and discovering things on your own on how you could finish a wedding without even with a tight budget. I would suggest that you invest on some makeup if you will do this on your own. I will post some of the best makeups that you could use for this occasion and that you don’t have to worry about paying for much.