Breaking News: 3 Masked Men Rob A Diamond Trader in Texas

Posted onNovember 2, 2015 in Blog

3 Masked Men Rob A Diamond Trader in TexasDiamonds are so expensive that they have always been the targets of robbers ever since its value was discovered. Just this weekend alone, a diamond trader was reported robbed by three men wearing masks in Dallas, Texas according to the website The Israeli Diamond Industry.

As per the website’s report, it happened at a parking lot in North Dallas Bank. The diamond trader thought it was safe to carry diamonds in that place and it was so unfortunate that he had a lot in his bag that day, as he was looking forward to do some great business. The attack of those three men happened right after he finished visiting a couple of his clients and when he was just onto his third client meeting. He was using a rental car and as per police reports, he didn’t have a scheduled appointment before he went to his next client.

Crime Blog in Dallas also reported this incident and according to them, the exact location of the robbery was not indicated. There are however, reports that state that it would be revealed soon by the website who originally wrote about it. There were guns involved in this robbery and all the diamonds that the trader has that day were taken from him.

The cops don’t have much words about what happened and it seems like they were all used to it happening, especially in that area. They also said that there is no exact evidence because there are no CCTV cameras to support it and it is all just speculations.

According to The Israeli Diamond Industry site, they don’t think it was just a random robbery and they are thinking that the trader has already been spied on and followed even before that day when he was attacked.

This is just a reminder to those who are carrying these expensive rocks. Don’t be so complacent when you are out there carrying or wearing it. There are a lot of people who would want to get a piece of your diamond and sadly, some would do whatever it takes to get it from you even if it means they are already committing a crime.

It is not the first time that robberies involving diamonds have been in the news. In fact, back in 2012 a robbery in this same state also occurred involving a 28-year-old Hong Kong jeweler. It also happened in a parking lot, only this time it was in a Northwest Dallas hotel area. A few weeks after that robbery, another person was robbed again in a Hilton Anatole parking lot. The robbers were armed as well. Based on these reports, we are seeing a pattern and we believe it is safe to warn people out there to stay away from parking lots if you are carrying some valuable jewelry like diamonds in your purse. May this news serve as a warning and may this make everyone extra careful with their actions, especially when diamonds and other expensive jewelries are involved.