Must-have Desserts On Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Posted onOctober 26, 2015 in Blog

Must-have Desserts On Your Wedding Rehearsal DinnerDesserts are part of any dinner. At least it should be, especially during your wedding’s rehearsal dinner. This is the perfect time as well to share with your loved ones your cooking if you ever know how to. If you want to please your guests and loved ones, I highly recommend including these desserts that should be on your dinner table, as you celebrate your love.

1.Chocolate Fondue: seriously, I don’t think a wedding rehearsal dinner or the reception is even complete without a chocolate fondue! You can pretty much serve anything on the dessert table and it would all be perfect and delicious because of your chocolate fondue. If you will be celebrating in a restaurant, make sure to include this on the menu. If you want a simple dinner at home, you can always buy this machine in your local store, but you will have to make the chocolate on your own. I think it will be fun to have your own fondue machine, because you can make this anytime you want!

2.Chocolate Chip Cheesecake With Oreo Crust: YUM! Saying the words of this dessert alone would already make you want to drool and have it on your plate right away!

3.Sundae Bar: This guarantees fun! It would be even better if it were a make-your-own sundae bar. Imagine all the flavors you could experiment as your sundae. This is going to make your rehearsal dinner an unforgettable one for both you and your guests.

4.Chocolate Banana Crepe: this is actually so easy to make if you want to do it on your own. There are lots of recipes online that you could check out how to make it. But I can give you the basics on how to create it. What you need is some wraps for crepes, slices of bananas, condense milk, chocolate drizzle and whip cream. If you want to save money on desserts, this is your best bet because it is not only easy but it is also affordable.

Chocolate Mousse Cake: a celebration of love is never complete without some traditional chocolate mousse cake. Your guests would really love if you include this on the menu.

I always advice new couples to make it as an activity for them to cook desserts for their guests because it not only is it going to be beneficial for t guests and the couple when it comes to having something good on the table, but it also would make them bond. It is easy to get to know each other even more when two people are bonding over food.

But moving on with these desserts, if you have someone on your guest who is lactose intolerant, you can just remove milk on the recipe. You can also try some soymilk as an alternative.

Whatever you do with your desserts, as you would notice, chocolate is a must. I would also suggest leave a bunch of chocolate bars as a give away for your friends and families on this special occasion.