Wedding On a Tight Budget

Posted onOctober 12, 2015 in Blog

Wedding On a Tight BudgetThere is a difference between having a wedding on a budget and having a wedding on a “tight budget.” I understand the pressure of having to follow the rules of social convention when it comes to this kind of event in one’s life. My advice? Don’t. You don’t have to. It is not necessary. It is up to you and your partner’s choices without having the influence of the society or the media when it comes to the subject of celebrating your wedding. I have seen a lot of couples go broke because of their wedding expenses. And at the end of it, they would just fight about it.

I mean, don’t you think it’s crazy when that happens? Because I do! Marriage is supposed to be a celebration of love between two people and it is definitely not an event to flaunt a $ 10,000-worth of gown to be worn in one day. Marriage shouldn’t cause people to be pressured and stressed because of the amount of bills they would have to pay and would later on be the subject of their fight and worse could even be the reason for their divorce! I say, go for a wedding that would make both of you happy without having to break the bank. Happiness is never about the money or the expensive things people have to shed and show people.

Here are the things that you could work on when you’re on a tight budget:

1.Instead of renting an expensive hotel ballroom or the church, if you have a backyard or garden or even your own home, which you think could be used as a space for this event would be enough. Renting for a reception could cost you some real amount of money and if you don’t have a budget for that, you should know that your own house could be a good option.

2.For the dress, you can always shop at vintage stores or thrift stores. Don’t undermine the quality and style that you could find in there because there are some gems that you would even be surprised to check out and what you just need is to be really keen in searching for them. You will also need a lot of patience for this activity.

3.If you can’t afford a makeup artist, I highly recommend that you check out the YouTube channel of a lot of makeup gurus online, especially Michelle Phan. You don’t have to pay for a stylist either if you could just do your research well using the Internet.

It is all about researching and discovering things on your own on how you could finish a wedding without even with a tight budget. I would suggest that you invest on some makeup if you will do this on your own. I will post some of the best makeups that you could use for this occasion and that you don’t have to worry about paying for much.